Wick Alexander Ortho Bracket

Wick Alexander Ortho Bracket Wick Alexander Ortho Bracket Wick Alexander Ortho Bracket
Product name : Wick Alexander Ortho Bracket
Item : A19
Details :
Wick Alexander Bracket

Dr. Alexander is recognized internationally for his innovation in orthodontic procedures.
He is well known for his work in designing the Alexander Discipline, a system of Brackets
placed on teeth, which is used by orthodontists around the world. He has lectured
internationally on the Discipline as well as published many research papers and articles in
professional journals. In addition, Dr. Alexander has written two textbooks, “The Alexander
Discipline” and “The 20 Principles of the Alexander Discipline”, which are used throughout
the United States and the world.

Wick Alexander bracket adopts advanced line cutting process and welding technology and processing.Its characteristic is to use light traction,
easily removable belt, no damage to gum, won't produce discomfort.The one and only bracket design, makes the bracket on direct torque control,
axis inclination, through torque setting, according to orthodontic case conversion in the direction of the force, greatly reducing visits.

Product  No. Description Specification Unit Packing
A19-1 Wick Alexander Bracket 0.022/0.018 NO HOOK set 20×1
A19-2 Wick Alexander Bracket 0.022/0.018w/h on 3 set 20×1
A19-3 Wick alexander bracket 0.022/0.018w/h on 3,4,5 set 20×1