PUMA (brushless electrical micromotor)

PUMA (brushless electrical micromotor) PUMA (brushless electrical micromotor)
Product name : PUMA (brushless electrical micromotor)
Item : PUMA3000
Details :
PUMA  3000

brushless electrical micromotor


micromotor manufacture apply war industry technology conform to contra angle brushless
electonical control micromotor, maintenance-free, cost- effective

Elegance tiny shape for easy handling, minimal noise and heat, unmatchable powerful drive, supply
invariable speed and torque no matter load or not load


Input voltage: 100 ~ 240vac 50 ~60 hz
Power: 30w
Rotate speed: digital stepless speed modulation, tiptop: 30000rpm/min
Connect: iso-e type international connector
Control manner: manus/ foot control
Torque: 150gf.Cm

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