Non-covertible Band(3M, Ormco & Dentaurum)

Non-covertible Band(3M, Ormco & Dentaurum)
Product name : Non-covertible Band(3M, Ormco & Dentaurum)
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Non-Covertible Band (3M, Ormco & Dentaurum)

For 1st molar  or  2nd molar

The interior band surfaces have been roughened using the microsand blasted,
which enlarges the adhesive between molar teeth and band itself.
This also guarantees a secure fit, excellent adhesion and subsequent successful
orthodontic treatment.

There are More Features about our Bands:

1:Clear and Permanent laser marking.
2:Micro-sand blasted Rough interior make the bands harder and stronger
3:Smooth and rounded edge,as well as the beveled small step maximum patient comfort Hard band quality, .
4:In the upper of the bands,we do a frizzy edge inside  to hold the bands in a quite suitable position .

We offer three different bands system :  3M, Ormco & Dentaurum
For 1st molar or 2nd molar

3M                  size from 31,31+ ,32, 32+ ...  to   44 totally 27 sizes. 
Ormco            size from 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 .... to  35  totally 27 szies.
Dentaurum     size from 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 .... to  35  totally 27 szies.

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