Multi Function Bracket

Multi Function Bracket
Product name : Multi Function Bracket
Item : A22
Details :

Multi-Function Bracket 

5-5/ upper & lower, 20pcs/set = 1unit

1.) maximum flexibi lit y for ligation

2.) double-layer ligating wings

3.) low friction & treatment force

4.) light anchorage

The multi-function bracket system encompasses the advantages of both the selfligating and the conventional bracket systems with two layers of ligating wings. When ligating via the top layer,the elastic ties do not bind the archwire directly, so the wire slides smoothly along the bracket slot. When ligating via the bottom layer, it can be operated much like the conventional bracket system, providing more rotation control and thoroughly expressing the torque.

A22-1 Multi-Function  Bracket   0.022/0.018 No Hook set 20×1
A22-2 Multi-Function  Bracket   0.022/0.018w/h on 3 set 20×1
A22-3 Multi-Function  Bracket   0.022/0.018 w/h on 3,4,5
set 20×1

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