Lingual Niti Archwire (Supper Elastic)

Lingual Niti Archwire (Supper Elastic)
Product name : Lingual Niti Archwire (Supper Elastic)
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Orthodonic Lingual Niti Archwire - Super Elastic 

A direct-bonded fixed lingual orthodontic appliance is provided which comprises a plurality of metal or plastic brackets and tubes, which are designed to be cemented directly to the lingual surfaces of the teeth of the maxillary arch, and an arch wire extending around the lingual side of the arch intercoupling the brackets and tubes. The brackets are made with smooth angles and low profile to prevent irritation to the tongue, and to assure that the action of the tongue will not be impeded in any way. The base of each bracket is shaped to adapt it to the normal lingual surface of the corresponding tooth so as to provide good retention. An edgewise transverse slot is provided in each bracket with the proper bucco-lingual depth, mesio-distal tips and occlusal root torques to provide an appliance which accepts a smooth curved arch wire with the only in-and-out bend requirement being between the bicuspids and first molars. To allow ease of arch wire placement, the slot of the first molar bracket, and the mesial end of the second molar tube each has a funnel shape. A bite plane is incorporated in the anterior brackets to prevent the brackets from being sheared off in occlusal contact.

75% alcohol wipe before use

10 pcs / pack

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Round: (upper / lower)


Rectangle: (upper / lower) 

0.016 x 0.016
0.016 x 0.022
0.017 x 0.022
0.017 x 0.025
0.018 x 0.022
0.018 x 0.025
0.019 x 0.025
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