Janpanese Cermage polymer porcelain crown

Janpanese Cermage polymer porcelain crown
Product name : Janpanese Cermage polymer porcelain crown
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1.Close unsightly gaps between front  teeth
2.Improve teeth that are too small or large in proportion to rest of the mouth
3.Repair broken, chipped or worn teeth
4.Whiten dark, yellow, permanently stained or discolored teeth
5.Straighten crooked teeth
6.Repair rough or jagged edges on front teeth
7.Improve gummy smiles
8. Overall smile enhancement 

CERAMAGE is the newly developed polymer restorative dental aesthetic material, its artistic is equal to the original teeth, strong adaptability and simple operation, matchable to different kinds of metal, it can be applied to ceramic all crwon, metal bridge, ectoloph of telescopic crown, inlays, and veneerings, it is the best veneering material for precision attachment and telescopic crown, which has created the new standard for the restorative dental material and met the requests of clinician, technician and patients.

remakeable aesthetic effect, easily showing the colour and lustre of the natural teeth. Excellent flexural strength and compressive strength, long colour and lustre stability and high elasticity, suitable to restoration of backteeth. Outstanding polishing and spotproof performance, lavish choping translucent for showing personal fluorescence and opalescence.