Handpiece cleaning & lubrication system(Automatic)

Handpiece cleaning & lubrication system(Automatic)
Product name : Handpiece cleaning & lubrication system(Automatic)
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Automatic handpiece cleaning & lubrication system


1.Have a choice of 2 types of assortment of joints according to the treatment  style.
     Type A: Touch button style
     Type B: Menbrane button style

3.Helps to perform uniform handpiece maintance and lubrication.
4.Three handpieces can be cleaned and lubricated simultaneously keeping your  hands clean.
5.3 TPCUSA rotating gear effectively and efficiently cleans and lubricates  contra angle handpiece.
6.Pressing the air key can purge excess oil from the handpiece after lubrication  and cleaning cycle to some extent.
7.Select the lubrication setting time from short mode,long mode and extra long  mode according to the handpiece.
8.The mist filters attached behind the door can keep mist leakage to a minimum.


Rated voltage AC120V10%-AC230V10% 50/60HZ
Input Voltage 24V
Air pressure: 0.25-0.3Mpa(2.5-3.0kg/cm2)(50_85PSI)
Dimensions: W280×D275×H360mm
Weight: 6.8kg

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