GAC, Unitek Band

GAC, Unitek Band
Product name : GAC, Unitek Band
Item :
Details :
 1st (or 2nd) Molar Band - Unitek or GAC Size
 (4pcs/unit )

Upper/Lower  Molar Band;
Unitek or GAC numbering;

Anatomically shaped and contoured for precise and snap fit;
Buccal cusip indent groove eliminates the possible interference;
Band could come with pre-welded tubes, cleat, and sheath together;
Laser marking can be customized according to customer’s requirements;
Rough inner surface to increase bonding;
Multiple sizes and numbering systems available;
All bands exterior surface are highly polished and extremely smooth which means they are comfortable for the patients to wear. The smooth surface also reduce the formation of plaque which helps the patients in maintaining a high standard of hygiene.

The interior band surface have been roughened using the microsand blasted, which enlarges the adhesive betweem molar teeth and band itself, This also guarantees a secure fit, excellent adhesion and subsequent successful orthodontic treatment.

More Feautures on Bands :
1.) Smooth and rounded edge
2.) Hard band quality.
3.) Laser marking