7th Buccal Tube (2nd Molar Buccal Tube)

7th Buccal Tube (2nd Molar Buccal Tube)
Product name : 7th Buccal Tube (2nd Molar Buccal Tube)
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2nd Molar Buccal Tube

We have an innovative production method on the Buccal tube. It is casting Buccal Tube.
This kind of construction in combination with a highly corrosion resistant special steel
increases the stability. The base is designed by the modern CAD technology and
guarantees an optimal
fit. The wedge shape slims down towards distal and reduces
possible cheek irritation

B61-11  7th  Weldable Edgewise Buccal tube
B91-11  7th  Bondable Edgewise Buccal tube

B62-11  7th  Weldable Roth Buccal tube
B92-11  7th  Bondable Roth Buccal tube

B62-11  7th  Weldable MBT Buccal tube
B92-11  7th  Bondable MBT Buccal tub

Slot 0.022  (0.56*0.76mm)   /   0.018  (0.46*0.76mm) 

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